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Launching of Pre-Bachelor Program

The number of students leaving China to study abroad for a bachelor-level program has been increasing for the past few years. An opinion poll conducted in 2012 during a major education fair in China indicates that, among students with a plan to study abroad, 38% are high school students who are about to take the Gaokao or have just taken it, compared to 51% who have already enrolled or hold a Benke. In 2012, 400,000 Chinese students went abroad to further their studies (Source: China Online Education Report).


Anglo-Saxon countries are heavily involved in the education market and recruit Chinese students using their own test (the SAT). In doing so, they create a clear path for Chinese high school students who plan not to study in China but to study abroad: students don’t need to complete the annual National Higher Education Entrance Examination (commonly referred to as the Gaokao) which assessment methods are not adapted to Western expectations. Instead, they can focus on getting ready for a Western education by preparing for the SAT.


In September 2014, the Administrative Agreement between the French and Chinese ministries of education was changed, opening the doors to academic mobility for good Chinese students without taking the Gaokao. Pharos’ pre-bachelor platform helps French schools and universities to attract a share of the fast-growing post-high school market in China by taking advantage of this new context while ensuring the quality of candidates.

In addition to Gaokao results, Pharos Education offers its own test, composed of specialty exams, language exams, and oral interviews, for partner schools or universities to test for their entrance requirements.


Students meeting a school’s requirements are awarded conditional admission to the school, opening the door to a one-year preparation program to this school. Whereas students usually spend two years getting ready for their specialty, following two programs of around 500 hours over eight months, our intensive programs deliver more than 1,000 hours over 12 full months in China for the first semester and in France for the second semester. These programs aim at ensuring the quality of candidates as well as their capacity to adapt, despite their young age, to the French education system to earn a master’s degree. In addition to language training, the modules of general knowledge, methodology, and personal development provide students with all the necessary tools and knowledge for a successful integration in France. At the end of the program, students who successfully complete the preparation program integrate into the school they were pre-admitted to.


This platform offers a choice of three tracks offering a wide selection of disciplines at high-level institutions that deliver degrees recognized in China:

  • Engineering sciences
  • Management, business, economics, and humanities
  • Cultural and creative industries (theatre, cinema, design, event management, art market, etc.)
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