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Cedric Barrier in 50 Years, 50 French Entrepreneurs in China

To mark the 50th anniversary of France’s recognition of the People’s Republic of China, reporter and author Anne Garrigue published through Pearson’s Publishing House 50 Years, 50 French Entrepreneurs in China, bringing together the testimony of fifty French entrepreneurs in China.

The first testimony of the book is dedicated to Cedric Barrier, cofounder of Pharos Education: “We want to replace the cramming typical of the Chinese education system with a system where students participate in knowledge creation.”


To celebrate the launch of the book in China, Cedric Barrier was also invited to testify about his vision of entrepreneurship: “Many French people start companies to survive and support their daily lives. In the U.S., people start companies to change the world. I have more of an American vision. I’m not afraid of failure; I will always be able to get a job to survive. But I don’t want a life without dreams; it just does not make sense.”

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