Preparation programs

Pharos designs and operates courses for French higher education institutions aimed at attracting Chinese students who want to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree abroad. Pharos programs enable candidates with great potential who are interested in France to be pre-admitted by partner universities or schools and to benefit from a program that prepares them to adapt to the French education system and to integrate into the target institution.


Pharos uses a comprehensive pedagogical model based on five pillar units, each of which provides students with specific tools to face specific challenges of foreign education.

  • Language: provides students with the knowledge and level necessary to complete their academic projects
  • Personal development: develops students’ personal reflection abilities and equips them with tools to stand at the heart of their personal, academic, and professional projects
  • Methodology: provides students with toolkits to empower their learning abilities and to adapt to Western academic assessments 
  • Cultural knowledge: covers knowledge augmentation in some areas required by the French academic system
  • Introduction to specializations: gives students a preview of their future field of expertise


Small class sizes, close follow-up, innovative work methods, and group work dramatically increase students’ chances of integrating into their target school, getting their degree, and starting their professional life.

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