Pharos Education and Culture Group

Pharos Education & Culture Consulting Group (Pharos) is a Hong Kong-registered company specializing in strategic consulting in the field of education and educational engineering. With offices in China (Beijing), India (Pune), Pharos provides services in Asia (China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia) to French universities and schools.


Pharos aims at improving for its clients the density and the quality of partnerships of all kinds (academic, research, institutional, and corporate) by designing comprehensive strategies. Pharos is responsible for area management of Studialis in China, Pass-World in Asia and Institut Mines Telecom official representation in China and India.


Pharos aims at adapting client’s communication and increasing clients’ and partners’ renown through targeted campaigns and partnerships. Those strategies are particularly relevant and constitute a sizeable added-value in countries like China where the digital and media environment is developing on a faster and distinctive path.


Pharos is particularly active in enhancing the quality of its clients’ and partners’ recruitment of post-high school and post-bachelor students by powering highly effective training programs. Those programs prepare Asian students to study in the school they were selected for and to adapt to the French education system by introducing comprehensive educational methods based on the acquisition of targeted competencies, skills, and knowledge.


Pharos programs not only rely on language courses but emphasize a whole set of specialized workshops (methodology, personal development, general knowledge, introduction to speciality) that insure the induction and the success of our students in specialization programs.


The Lighthouse of Alexandria

The lighthouse located on Pharos Island in the harbor of Alexandria in Egypt was the first and most famous lighthouse in antiquity and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Construction began in 290 BC, and it stood until the 1300s, when it eventually became an abandoned ruin after several earthquakes. Since then, the Pharos lighthouse has stood as the father of all lighthouses, and its name has become a generic term for a lighthouse in many languages, including ancient Greek (“φάρος”) and many Roman languages, such as French (“phare”).

The Pharos lighthouse is said to have been the tallest man-made structure of its time, except for the Great Pyramid. It was a product of technological prowess because of its size and the sophistication of the mirror inside, which could project a beam of light from the reflection of the sun during the day or from a fire during the night.

The navigational aid that the Pharos lighthouse provided to ships sailing the Mediterranean Sea marked a milestone in the history of sea trade between the East and the West and made the city of Alexandria shine thanks to its prosperity and its sense of culture. The most influential works of literature were carefully kept in the fabled Library of Alexandria, and the city became home to the finest art and architecture.

The Pharos lighthouse embodies the company’s core values and mission: we strive to guide and enlighten the path of higher education institutions and students so that they can achieve prosperity through state-of-the-art methods and knowledge. 

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